In 2017,  Upstreet became the first business on Prince Edward Island to gain B Corp Certification.

Certified B Corporations are part of a global movement of leaders that find innovative new ways to use business as a force for good. They meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

We started Upstreet with the mission to refresh the community and create viable employment on PEI. To us, this has always meant brewing unique, well-crafted products that people would get excited about, but it also sent us on a mission to find innovative new ways to do business. We set out to build a successful company that would also strengthen our community, and the standards set by B Labs have helped guide us in these pursuits and challenged us to be a better business.

From using renewable energy to power the brewery to donating spent grain to local farmers for cattle feed, B Corporation Certification has been the guiding light that helps us to refresh our community.