Neon Friday VIP 4-Pack

Neon Friday VIP 4-Pack

Released: November 16, 2018

Four favourite Neons from the past year back again for a limited time only in a convenient 4-pack!
The VIP lineup:
DDH IPA with Azacca, 6.5%/45IBU
You might confuse this beer with a ripe mango smoothie.
West Coast Session IPA, 5.5%/50IBU
An assertive but palatable bitterness with hints of citrus and a well-rounded sweetness and body.
NEIPA with Simcoe, 7%ABV/45IBU.
A complex and bright beer with notes of heavy citrus and a piney dankness – surprisingly easy drinking for its ABV.
DDH Oat IPA with Idaho 7, 7%ABV/50IBU
Aromas of light orange and apricot, crisp with a dry finish. This one’s got a bite to it – but you can take it.

ABV: 6.5%

Currently unavailable. Check back soon.

Available in 473ml 4-Pack cans