2020 Do Good Artist Residency: Call for Submissions

Upstreet Craft Brewing and this town is small inc. Present The Do Good Residency


The Do Good Residency is an artist-in-residence program located in Charlottetown, PEI, supported by Upstreet Craft Brewing’s Do Good Fund for Arts Initiatives and coordinated by this town is small inc., PEI’s Artist-Run Centre.

Deadline to Apply is Friday, February 28 2020 at midnight Atlantic time.

WE ARE: A brewing company and a not-for-profit artist-run centre that have deep love for our community in PEI, and believe in the power of the arts to transform and uplift. We love collaboration, interactivity, humour, and good-natured fun. We strive for excellence in all we do.

About Upstreet:
Upstreet Craft Brewing is a brewery located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. With their mission to refresh the community, Upstreet has become a thriving part of the growing craft beer movement in Atlantic Canada. As a certified B Corporation, Upstreet is committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts and supporting the community as a whole.

To help meet this mission, Upstreet created the Do Good Fund – a fund dedicated to supporting artists and art initiatives throughout the year on Prince Edward Island. With every sale of their popular Do Gooder APA, a portion of the proceeds goes directly into this fund.

About this town is small:
this town is small inc., PEI’s artist-run centre, is a leader of contemporary art creation, presentation and events; we advocate on behalf of and create opportunities for contemporary artists on PEI where we promote and develop a public understanding of contemporary art. Our mission is to foster sustainability for contemporary arts practice on PEI, encouraging communication and collaboration among members of the artistic community and with the community at large.

this town is small is dedicated to providing innovative, challenging and boundary pushing programming for contemporary artists on PEI. As such, the organization does not focus its energy on running a typical, static gallery space. Instead TTIS commits to developing diverse and unexpected partnerships within the community in order to present cutting edge opportunities for artists and unique art experiences for the public.

YOU ARE: A national, or international professional contemporary artist with a strong interest in community engagement and collaboration. You are outgoing, open-minded, curious, social, have a great attitude, and play well with others. Your artistic practice is forward-looking, inventive, and is based on an articulate conceptual and/or critical and/or poetic thesis. Perhaps you create work that deals with issues of current social urgency, including diverse perspectives and histories. Your work is intriguing, incites conversation, and driven by outreach and communication. You are focused on and excited by engagement with the public. You have an excellent idea or work-in-progress that you would like to develop during your residency. You’re excited to come and spend some time on our glorious island. 



Eligibility:    The Do Good Residency is open to local, regional, national, or international professional contemporary artists. Note that travel costs are not included, nor can we offer assistance with travel visas for international artists. Artists must be over the age of 19 to apply in compliance with provincial law, as the residency is in a licensed establishment.

We have two slots available in 2020, one in the Spring, one in the Fall. Both are available to all professional contemporary artists, nationally and internationally.

Submissions will be reviewed by a jury made up of professional artists and representatives from Upstreet Craft Brewing. All submitting artists will be considered without attention to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Program:     This is a self-directed residency that includes a collaboration with Upstreet: selected artists will work together with the Brewmaster at Upstreet to design a beer recipe for a small-batch brewing. The artist will also create a design to be featured on the label of the custom beer. At the completion of the residency an artist talk and special event will be held to present the artist’s work, as well as launch their beer collaboration.

This program has an important community engagement component, and we are seeking artists who interact and engage with the public regularly through their work and process. PEI has many community and cultural organizations and we encourage artists applying to this program to consider how they might collaborate and contribute while on the island. Artists should plan to offer open studio time, as well as the artist talk at the completion of the residency.

Duration:    3 weeks

Block #1: June 1 – 22
Block #2: September 12 – October 3

What is provided:

  • selected artists will be given a stipend of 1700$CAD for the 3 week residency
  • studio space: the studio space is located in a section of Upstreet’s warehouse. The space is industrial, with a concrete floor. There are no windows, but there is a garage door that can be opened. Lighting is provided and can be adapted to the needs of the artist. Studio is furnished with a desk and chair
  • lodging, including linens and towels
  • support for community interaction & networking
  • administrative support for organizing artist talks and workshops
  • promotion of the artist-in-residence, their work, and artist talks/events
  • access to certain equipment upon request (ask us for what you need and we’ll see if we can track it down!)
  • access to peer critique/curatorial feedback upon request

What is not provided:

  • food
  • art materials
  • personal items (toiletries etc.)
  • transportation (though we can likely get you a bike if requested and support for day trips/beach trips etc. can be organized through the community)

There is no application fee. Applications will be reviewed by this town is small and Upstreet Craft Brewing through a jury process.

Deadline to Apply is Friday, February 28, 2020 at midnight Atlantic time.

Artists must apply with all of the following (incomplete applications will not be reviewed):
-a letter of intent: Tell us about yourself, your work, your vision, your process, background, skills, talents, traits, interests, motivations, why you want to come, basically anything that will help us get to you know a little better!
-CV, bio, and artist statement
-detailed project proposal including any technical requests/requirements
-two letters of support, at least one of which speaks to your character/interpersonal skills
-**which block/dates you are applying for
-10 audio, visual, or video items to support the application

– any other relevant support material (catalogs, reviews, critical writing, etc.)

Please send all documents as a SINGLE PDF. Support material may be attached to email or sent as a Google Drive or Dropbox link. Send application to Monica Lacey at this.town.is.small@gmail.com with Do-Good Residency Application in the subject line.