Are You Ready For Seltzer Season?

We don’t know about you but we’re ready for that snow to officially melt. 

It’s not just that we’re looking forward to sunshine and all the serotonin that comes along with it…with Spring comes new and exciting things. It’s SELTZER SEASON!

That’s right. Spring 2022 is going to be filled with fresh Rewind flavours! These newbies are the best yet- some tropical, some juicy and all delicious. They are guaranteed to be the perfect thing to sip on as we get geared up for a hot summer on the Island. 

Our brewmaster Hogie has been working like a mad scientist in his lab perfecting his potions, and we are his guinea pigs! The whole team has a heck of a time developing these tasty drinks for you. Here’s a peek at the process:

First, the team gets together to collaborate on different ideas. Most of the things brought to the table are exciting but some… not so much (cough cough… fluffernutter.) Once we narrow these down, we figure out how many new flavours we want to release and how they’re going to fit in with our existing line up. 

Then, the fun part! Scientific research. We begin to trial the ideas from our meetings with lots of taste tests. Because they aren’t fermented, we are able to blend small micro-pilots. This gives us a chance to try them right away for instant feedback, and then make appropriate tweaks until everyone is really pleased with how they taste. 

We are VERY excited with how these latest Rewinds have turned out and we can’t wait for you to test them yourselves. Keep an eye on our social pages for launch dates, big giant launch parties and plenty more delicious details!