Dry January- how are you getting along?

Dry January (or Dry-ish January) is in full swing! No matter how you’re doing so far- the key is to keep pushing through. Lean on us!

The power of a support system is an amazing tool to guide you through the challenge and keep you on track. One thing we’ve been doing with the Libra community is talking with inspirational folks and hosting some online classes for a bit of weekly motivation.

Our first guest this month was the wonderful Adamo Ruggerio. Adamo has been practicing yoga since 2010 and is certified in Hatha Yoga. We had a big chat with him about how he finds balance in his life and you can find the full blog over at drinklibra.ca.

We also had the pleasure of participating in a gentle 15 minute yoga flow with Adamo, and it was the perfect thing to end the week. We highly recommend taking some time out of your day to join in. Happy Friday!