Summer Student First Impressions!

As a third-year marketing student attending Mount Allison University, I was bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed to be presented with the opportunity to join the Upstreet Craft Brewing crew as a summer student in the Marketing and Sales department. After reaching out to CEO Mitch Cobb (Award winner, by the way, I’m more than happy to flex) for a short interview it didn’t take long to realize that Upstreet is an organization that could potentially give me a refreshing perspective not only in marketing but through all aspects of handling business responsibly. And thankfully Mitch saw at least some shred of potential in me as well, as he offered me a position for the summer of 22 a few days after our original introduction which of course I accepted in a heartbeat.

After living that Upstreet lifestyle for the past month what I would like to talk about first and what I feel is the greatest aspect of Upstreet is the culture that it brings to the table, Upstreet and all its goblins can only be described through a series of adjectives… Which I am willing to provide: Hilarious, real, bad-ass, prodigious, and absolutely sweet. The culture is rooted deep within the Island so many similarities can be drawn between Upstreet and PEI, with a warm and welcoming nature that can only be described as island hospitality. A strong sense of identity and community radiates throughout the many facets of Upstreet, whether it’s the warehouse, office, taproom, or brewery, everyone knows each other’s name and has some sort of dumb inside joke that always gets a chuckle, and when it comes to sales there is a cliché that it is impossible to sell something you don’t believe in and at Upstreet the faith is almost palpable.