The 12 Days of Grilled Cheese returns!

12 days. 12 gourmet grilled cheeses. Pure holiday bliss.

We’ve got a mix of old favourites and brand new grilly creations from December 12 – 23. That’s right, a different gourmet grilled cheese for 12 days! Grab your friends and make your plans 🧀

The Lineup:
Dec 12: Elf on the shelf – Arugula pesto, ham and gouda
Dec 13: Hogie Perogie – Parmesan crusted, perogies, aged cheddar
Dec 14: The Bublé – Extra cheesy with prosciutto, basil
Dec 15: Linus of the Lamb – braised lamb, mint jelly, beer vinegar reduction, emmental
Dec 16: Partridge and a Pair O’ Cheese – Seared duck breast, pickled pear, havarti, smoked gouda
Dec 17: Santa Claws – Lobster, lemon aioli, scallion, fontina
Dec 18: The Bing Crosby – Roasted tomato, pine nut pesto, brie
Dec 19: Chevy Cheese Double – Soppressata, cranberry jam, camembert, aged cheddar (on two english muffins)
Dec 20: You know what I mean, Vern? – Roast beef, horseradish cream, grainy mustard, swiss
Dec 21: Jingle bells, Batman Smells – Blue cheese, bacon, mozzarella
Dec 22: The Albert Finney – Smoked turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, cheese curds, gravy to dip
Dec 23 – The three Scrooges – A magical blend of fine cheese and cured meats